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December 29, 2017
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AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown 2017

AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown 2017

The AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown is an event proudly organised by AIA Singapore and produced by INX Events. Participants are challenged to create a healthier yet tasty version of a signature Singapore traditional dish, and six best entries are invited for a showdown on 21 September 2017 where David Beckham, AIA Global ambassador will be present.

The event was held at Clifford Square, 21,000 Square Feet of open space, one of the iconic tourist spot that sits between One Fullerton and Clifford Pier. A 30m by 10m European Marquee was set and split into two zones. The Cooking Arena and the Hospitality Area where judging was held as well.

The judging panel includes our anchor chef, MasterChef Asia Winner, Chef Woo Wai Leong, renown local bloggers such as Seth Lui, Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost, Maureen Aw widely known as Miss Tam Chiak as well as Cold Storage's Nutritionist.

Besides structural build-up, event master design and cooking contest mechanics, INX also took charge of the audio, visual, lighting and live video production.