AIA Vitality Healthy Cookout Showdown 2017
December 22, 2017
Health Promotion Board Lobby Revamp
June 14, 2017

The Music Run by AIA 2017

The Music Run by AIA 2017

The Music Run™ Singapore was held in Sentosa with participants of the run treated with energetic top hits throughout the run. INX supported the run with the productions and operations of three main zones for AIA namely the AIA hospitality suite at the Music Village, Rock and Dance Zone.

Aligning with AIA’s new branding direction focusing on interactive experience, our event marketing efforts consisted of several advanced technologies and impressive structural setup to create a wholesome experience for all Music Runners!

As the presenting sponsor, AIA occupied the largest hospitality space of 24m x 15m with a massive double storey structure. The AIA Vitality activities such as blender bikes, kinect and other interactive activity were housed at lower deck. VIP suite was located at upper deck which provided VIP view of the post run concert. Entry was limited via customized audio reactive wristbands to provide exclusivity. Outdoor LED Wall was hoisted up to 9m height in the air for constant AIA’s branding and live streaming of the official event hashtag - #TMRbyAIA from Instagram. Other activities, such as One-minute Rock DJ, AIA Electric Pose, AIA Hydro Tattoo were specially crafted for the occasion.

Besides structural build-up at two main sponsored zones which feature massive branding messages for AIA and zones related design elements. As such, Rock zone features 40m long banners with die cut photo op along both sides of tunnel, effectively transforming the tunnel into a Rock highway. An EDM dance tunnel inspired structure with programmed LED stripes and LED wall was built at dance zone to fit the Electric Dance concept. Augmented reality (AR) mobile app was created to disseminate AIA related contest information and generate Instagram worthy content for runner.