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July 23, 2018
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Under Armour Test of Will 2018

Under Armour Test of Will 2018

Under Armour Test of Will 2018 is back with more teeth grinding cross fit challenges to put all Southeast Asia’s fitness enthusiasts’ will to the ultimate test. This year, the competition has expanded to 6 countries in the region, with Singapore kick starting the series of events.

This year, INX is being appointed as the main contractor for event production works for Under Armour Test of Will2018 in Singapore and Manilla. INX is also involved in the creation of an extensive production tool kit which includes information like dimensional drawings, material guide, etc. for all overseas vendors to refer to. This is to ensure consistency in the overall brand image across all the countries holding the Test of Will Event.

“Under Armour Test of Will 2018” lasted from 7th to 8th April in Singapore and saw a huge number of athletes participating and registration was full even before the event began. Held in Ngee Ann City, right in the heart of Orchard Road, there is no surprise that the event has attracted countless curious onlookers, allowing the event to bustle with life. INX had supported in fabricating a customised 5-sided registration booth and main competition zone with realistic metal fences to complete the rugged look of a cross fit event. Inflatable tents were used instead of the usual gazebos to give the event a more polished and novel aesthetic.

Additionally, we have flown our team to Manilla to manage the production and activation for the Philippines Test of Will 2018. With strong support from our regional partners in Manila, INX was able to deliver a quality event productions work that is on par with our Singapore’s standard and quality.

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