Advertising Tools
M.A.V (Mobile Advertising Vehicle)
Glass display trucks can be wrapped for use as a simple mobile billboard, have a custom interior installed for use as a 3D mobile billboard, or used as a custom event environment...[Read More]

Communication Tools
BridgerX (Mobile App)
The INX Event Mobile App, BridgerX, is set to change the whole experience of attending an event with the aid of technology. This App aims to provide an all rounded event assistance features to enhance and keep the whole event experience as seamless as possible.

View and look through the schedule for all the event that you have registered for. Chat and connect with all the participants by sending them in-app chat messages or email. Network with them by updating your profile. Grab a chance to participate in the live sessions conducted during the event. Browse through the photos shared by other participants and upload your own.

Available on both The App Store and Google Play as well as an interactive web app.
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Pop Up Store
Pop Up Store
A pop-up store is a short term or temporary set up with the objective of brand or sales driven initiatives. It can be a product launch, consumer market trial test with experiential promotion offers.... [Read More]

Modular Exhibits
Modular Exhibition System & Display
Working along with IES International, a global network of exhibition & event solution providers working together to provide a seamless single-point-of-contact services to exhibitors and event organisers, INX is now the sole distributor of the DMK 62 Modular System in Singapore!

The DMK 62 is an Aluminium Custom Building System

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Interactive Digital Effects
Augmented Reality
In this day and age, staging effects have evolved beyond simply creating impressive effects through technical methods. Real-time interactivity plays a important role which is how augmented reality (AR) comes into picture in live events. We integrate AR theory into live stage shows by overlaying 2D/3D graphics effects onto live feed image, hence allowing these graphics that are not present in real life appear on live feed screen. For instance, floating chart on top of the opened palm of the presenter.

As the other ongoing trend, holographic projection utilizes transparent looking medium and unique way of content creation to create more realistic look compared to normal projection. Common usages include enhancing live stage performance with graphic effects and realistic live size human projection. Extensive hologram production even allows one to showcase 360o view of the digital content such as 3D logo and human.

3D Projection Mapping
3D projection mapping is a new and innovative medium that uniquely designs and readapts the spatial dimension for its audience. Teamed with good storytelling, dynamic visuals and a cinematic soundtrack, we create a new level of entertainment for the audience..[Read More]

Tapping into the basic desires and needs of todays’ society on technology, where users revolves around the idea of achievement, this new form of Interactive Digital Media, definitely aids in creating hype and excitement...[Read More]